Africa`s Largest Online Market

Takes Bitcoin Huge prospective audience


Just like eBay or Alibaba, Bidorbuy is a large online platform for connecting purchasers to sellers. Merchants use the website to advertise and sell their products, and now have the choice of accepting Bitcoin for either complete or deposit. With over 20 million views per month, paired with the site`s active motivation, this has the possible to bring Bitcoin to a sizeable piece of South Africans.


Potential for merchants to live off of Bitcoin

According to Bidorbuy, of the countless sellers who use the site, around 20 % use it as their primary income source. This implies that, now that the site enables merchants to accept Bitcoin, countless South Africans now have the possible to get a part, or all, of their income in cryptocurrency.


This brand-new alternative offered to sellers, integrated with purchaser’s enhanced capability to invest Bitcoin, could possibly have a significant favorable impact on African cryptocurrency adoption.

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